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Our Preschool at Child Care Providers Preschool Coop (CPPC)

Preschool Gym  Preschool circle time

Every Monday throughout the school year we join other Child Care groups for enrichment activities at our Woodway Elementary campus in Edmonds.  The Teaching Home has been a part of CPPC for over 3 decades.  CPPC is affiliated with Edmonds Community Colleges Family Life Education Dept.  Crystal serves as a Board member for the Coop.  Providers recieve continued education and training during our monthly provider meetings.

One of the many advantages with our unique preschool program is a mixed age group. Scientific studies indicate the importance of children teaching children. The mixed age group has a positive connection and natural learning process for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten.

Our children are presented opportunities at a younger age than traditional preschools; allowing for both learning and encouragement by example and positive influence from a older children. Meanwhile, older preschoolers are given the prospective of being a leader. They develop self confidence and necessary social skills, such as nurturing and compassion.

Children are guided in a positive, encouraging manner with simple one-step instructions as we take advantage of teachable moments. All ages learn early self-stem building, positive communication skills, expressing feelings appropriately, independence and self care, as well as developing sympathy for others.

Our Preschool’s infant area is a special station in our classroom designed specifically for our younger friends. This area was recently remodeled and redecorated in Fall of 2014. It includes state-of-the-art equipment, toys, sensory objects, and mirrors appealing to babies one year and under.


CPPC Pre-K Session

Pre-K Pullout