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Environmental Studies



Our Natural and Educational Curriculum

The Teaching Home Family Childcare outdoor preschool includes nature focused learning throughout the school year. Our Nature focus topics last two weeks and emphasize a particular plant, species, or element. Examples of our Northwest Nature Topics include: Flowers, beaches and sea life, trees, salmon, rocks and fossils, weather, and native birds.

Incorporated into our nature focuses are books, songs, facts, hands-on activities and art projects; as well as a fun and educational field-trip. Planting, growing and harvesting their own organic vegetables is a rewarding process children take pride participating in.

Our nature awareness philosophy encourages an appreciation, admiration, and understanding of our native northwest environment. This helps introduces a sense of significance, esteem, and importance that they can help protect and preserve nature and wildlife in little eco-friendly ways. For example, preschoolers find creative ways to use recycled materials for science and constructing art projects. They enjoy participating in adventurous activities, such as planting a tree and observing animals!





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